Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Unlimited

On September 18th, 2010 Tekken Tag Tournament 2 was announced to the world and it was released in Japanese Arcades on . The moment I saw the 1st arcade trailer for the game, I knew I had to have that game in my arcade collection. Tekken Tag 2 was the reason I went out and bought the Tekken 6 Noir arcade cabinet. It has taken a little longer than I thought it would, but I finally have the game in my collection.

Below are some quick shots of the Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Unlimited kit, which includes: System 369, Arcade Setup Manual, (2) USB Security Dongles, Arcade Marquee, Character Move strips, and a Power Cord.

A look inside the System 369 will come later.

2013 is shaping up to be a great year. Next up for my collection, Virtua Fighter 6 on Sega's new 2013 Arcade hardware... But that's a story for another day. :-)


Cabinet Photo and Video

System 369 Photos


  1. Does it work without the internet connection?

    I heard it needs an online connection to boot..

    I don't know if it true or not

    Let me know

  2. Mak,

    The game does not need a online connection to start up and play. The online connection requirement was dropped when Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Unlimited was released. There were many requirements when the base Tekken Tag Tournament 2 was released.

  3. Really?


    It is so also for the new Gundam next game based on the system 369?

    Let me know


  4. Sorry, I don't have any information on the new Gundam game.

  5. this one

    Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme Vs


    it is written is a 357 but I suppose it should work anyway since 359/369 is an upgrade

    what is not known is that if it boots without the internet connection


  6. Not all System 357 games will work on a System 369. Not alot of people know that the System 357 had more than one hardware version. There are some System 357 games that will only work on version 1 of the hardware and will not work on version 2.

    The key point here is that if you are going to get a System 357 or System 369 game, the best option is to buy the system with the game installed.

  7. Really?

    but have you been able to make it work Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme Vs on a System 357?

    I would be very interested to buy one if the games doesn't require the online connection to boot

  8. Hello Westtrade,

    You linked your blog in a post you made in a Neo-geo thread about a Namco system 357 and i came across this Tekken post.. It's great to see another Arcade collector that is in to collecting Tekken arcade stuff like me! Keep up the great work! I wanted to ask you about your Noir Clone. What Monitor is in your Clone? Also, are you using VGI, VGA, or HDMI to connect your TTT2u? Have you noticed any Lag on your Clone?

  9. I do not have any lag in my games. I use VGA with the Namco 357 and 369 kits. I use DVI with the Taito Type X2 and Sega Lindbergh. I use VGA when I use my xbox 360 in the cabinet. My monitor has been perfect since the day I got the cabinet so I have had no reason to open the factory closed Monitor case to see what model is in use.

  10. Nice! VGA is the way to go for TTT2u! Assuming that your Noir clone has only VGA and DVI then it should be a Sharp or Hitacthi monitor. More then likely it's a Sharp since they are the most common monitors for clones like yours. The clones that have HDMI are usually the ones that lag the most.

  11. I have seen in Akihabara 1 PCB of TTT2u,

    I think I'll buy it next week

    the only thing that still makes me wonder is that they told me that I have to charge for each game play?! (soon as the credit for the game play is finished I have to reload it?!)

    can you confirm me that the game is free from any charge for each game play?

    Thx ;)

  12. Mak,

    TTT2 is on a charge to play credit system.
    TTTU2 is not using that system when used for home use.

    The only time you would need to pay when using TTTU2 is if you want to connect to Namco's All.net service.

  13. @Mak

    Mr Westtrade is pretty spot on with his info. But just too add a little additional information..
    Namco's All.Net service is region specific. So if you live outside of Japan or S. Korea the All.Net service will not work. However, If you live in the U.S. or Europe you can call Namco directly and buy the TTT2u board and Bana passport system from them!

  14. Hey there, thanks ior all the info and pics.
    I wanted to know, Is the game locked in Freeplay mode or can you switch it to coin-operated ?


  15. @Super Menteur, You can play the game in coin-operated mode if you want to.

  16. Interesting!

    But do you have to charge the credits as I heard from Namco = charging to play credit system?


  17. @Mak If you buy TTT2U you can play offline for free. You Do Not have to buy credits from Namco. If you want to play online then you will have to call Namco, setup some account details and then they will charge you credits to play.

    Offline play is free with TTT2U.

  18. hola quisiera saber donde puedo comprar TTT2U si me pueden decir donde puedo comprarlo y a cuanto es su precio en dolares americanos y tambien si el sistema esta hecho para 2 jugadores no como en el caso del super street fighters IV era un sistema por jugador bueno gracias por responderme y por tiempo suerte a todos saludos desde peru

    1. Hola doc, soy de Lima, tambien, tienes el tekken 2?

  19. Hola Petter,

    Goto este sitio web y en contacto con el propietario. Su nombre es Steve. Él será capaz de obtener TTTU para usted cuando se encuentra en stock. https://sites.google.com/site/japandealers/namco

  20. Hi just have a system369. how do i get to the ps3 main screen and not the game.

  21. @Perez

    They are also sold on yahoo auctions,

    I bought two there (but still must arrive to my house)



    with 1 pcb you can play with two players (as usually we have seen in our arcade) or solo (as in japan)

    my question is this is still possible yet with this new version also, right?

    I mean, I can choose in the menu' how many players (not to be confused as characters) can play for each pcb (1 or 2)

    Also (since I have seen in the japanese arcades many pcb linked togheter in japan) if I can lnk them togheter and if it is possible with 2 pcb to link them togheter directly ( I think it should be possible)

    and If I can play with 2 pcb up to 4 players (2 players for PCB)

    If you have the manual I suppose it should be written there


  22. The game cannot run offline.
    If you use the pcb offline for some time (after about 2 weeks of operation offline)
    the game stops running.
    It probably have a timed feature that once it reach 0, it stops working without nesys connection.
    So you have to reconnect it to nesys in order to make it work again.
    For all you guys wondering why your pcb is still running, it's just because you still didn't reach the said 2 weeks of operating time offline.
    Anyone is that "brave" to try that? :)
    I'm sorry to say that, but it's the pure reality, i was tempted to take a pcb on yahoo after reading westtrade post, but when i discovered this , i had to change my mind.

  23. Replies
    1. Hi, Andrea, im from Peru, in 2015 i bought 2 tekken tag in japan and i have the same problem.
      how reconnect it to nesys?


    But on the loading screen saysy theat the I/o Error.. ;(

    I installed the game in a Sega Lindbergh with a JVS Sega 837-14572,

    it runs to work but freez on the loading screen because probably it require a different JVS,

    Which JVS I/O do you have installed? (So I cna be sure I make no mistakes..)


  25. I already have a cab of Tekken 6, can I replace it with Tekken Tag 2?