Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Capcom CPS Arcade Game Cases

So I was taking a look at games in my arcade collection, trying to get things in order for the new year. I saw that my CPS games were just sitting on a shelf. This got me thinking, why are they not in cases like all my other arcade games?

After taking a search on google, I saw that no one had CPS game cases for sale and the only attempt that someone came up with was using a cardboard box. Now I dont have anything against cardboard, but if I paid $350 or higher for a CPS game, I need a little more protection than cardboard can provide.

I decided that my only option was create my own CPS cases. The case needed to strong and somehow I need to display game artwork on the case. I went to home depot and bought some wood and Plexiglass (acrylic).

I have two CPS II games - AVP and Progear, so by default I needed to make two game cases. The Progear case was made first. I had not made a wood product before so a few mistakes were made, however they were easy to fix.

The top and side of both cases were fitted with plexiglass where I have a the cps marquee and game move strip. Overall I am happy with my resutlts. Here are some pics of the cases:

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to everyone. I started this blog a year ago and I am glad that I stuck with it. Hopefully this year will bring some nice new arcade hardware and games.