Monday, April 9, 2012


Gunlord, a NEW Neo Geo game was released and I received my copy on Saturday. The gameplay is very nice. The levels are very large and quite detailed. There is alot to explore in the game and I have only begun to find all the hidden areas in each level. Great Work NG:DEV.TEAM

Below are some of the contents that came with the game and gameplay videos from day 1:



Gunlord Stage 1 Demo

                                                            Gunlord Stage 2 Demo

                                                             Gunlord Stage 3 Demo

                                                           Gunlord Stage 2 Gameplay

                                                          Gunlord Stage 3 Gameplay

                                                             Gunlord Stage 4 Gameplay

                                                          Gunlord Stage 5 Gameplay

                                                          Gunlord Stage 6 Gameplay

                                                          Gunlord Stage 7 Gameplay

                                                          Gunlord Stage 8 Gameplay

                                                        Gunlord Stage 9 Gameplay

                                                      Gunlord Stage 10 Gameplay

                                                                Gunlord Ending

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I had a chance to visit Southtown Arcade while in San Fran. The arcade is located downtown and is fairly easy to find. There are a nice selection of aracde games to play and the price of the games was quite nice as well. Some games were $.25, others were $.50 per game, which compared to arcades in Japan where every game was 1 yen ($1.00) gives you alot of play time for your money. If you every have the chance to visit the arcade, be sure to do so. Below are some pics and video shot from the arcade.