Monday, April 9, 2012


Gunlord, a NEW Neo Geo game was released and I received my copy on Saturday. The gameplay is very nice. The levels are very large and quite detailed. There is alot to explore in the game and I have only begun to find all the hidden areas in each level. Great Work NG:DEV.TEAM

Below are some of the contents that came with the game and gameplay videos from day 1:



Gunlord Stage 1 Demo

                                                            Gunlord Stage 2 Demo

                                                             Gunlord Stage 3 Demo

                                                           Gunlord Stage 2 Gameplay

                                                          Gunlord Stage 3 Gameplay

                                                             Gunlord Stage 4 Gameplay

                                                          Gunlord Stage 5 Gameplay

                                                          Gunlord Stage 6 Gameplay

                                                          Gunlord Stage 7 Gameplay

                                                          Gunlord Stage 8 Gameplay

                                                        Gunlord Stage 9 Gameplay

                                                      Gunlord Stage 10 Gameplay

                                                                Gunlord Ending

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