Saturday, January 5, 2013

Arcade Stores

Here is a list of stores and their web sites that sell Arcade Games. Keep in mind that not all shops will mail items outside of Japan, so you may need someone to go that store for you, buy the item, and then ship it to you.

Arcadeshock -

Amusement Game Services -

Arcade Maverick -

Coinopexpress -

Cosmicco - 

Excellent Arcade Online Shop -

Fujita communications  -

Highway Entertainment -

HK Legend -


Game Kanaya -

 GOYO Corporation -

Japan Dealer -

Mak Japan -

Neo Amusement -

PCB Land -

Rinkya Japanese auction bidding service -

River Service -

SETUP Japan -

Tessin Create Company -

The Game Room -




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  5. Good day, This is Mark, a representative from Saudi Arabia. May i ask if there is a company that sells computer parts for "Battle Gear 4 Tuned" arcade machine. Please reply to this comment.

  6. Mark, I would say Highway Entertainment would be your best choice:

  7. hello everybody, i'm Vincent from France, may i ask if there a company, or a contact that sells Japanese arcade cabinet for ship to France by boat, lot of cabinet, maybe like 20 or 30 cabinet cab.

    thank's to reply this comment!

    1. Hello Vincent. If you want alot of arcade cabinets I say Tessin Create Company would be a good place to starting looking. You can also check at Coinopexpress and Highway Entertainment. Good Luck!

  8. Hi, my name is John from the US. Would it be possible to purchase the Kancolle Arcade game by Sega that's been sweeping Japan by storm? If so, could you advise as to how to make that purchase and transport to the US? Thanks! Really appreciate your expertise in this matter.

    1. Hello John. So far the only place that I found that is selling Kancolle Arcade is Tessin Create Company. Here is the link to the game on their site:

      Good Luck.


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  10. Hi i'm American i want to buy the japanese arcade game "Magician’s Dead" where can i find it? i also want gunslinger stratos another japanese arcade game would it be possible to buy those and ship it to america?

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