Monday, June 24, 2019

Taito Vewlix Diamond Black

So after taking some time away from Arcade collecting, I decided the time was right to get back into it. Many new arcade games and cabinets have been released. Since I started collecting cabinets, there have been 2 that I have always been on the lookout for: The New Delta 32 and the Taito Vewlix.

The reason I wanted a New Delta 32 is due to its amazing rotate option. For a person like me who enjoys arcade shooters and fighting games, this cabinet made it easy to play either game type.

Take a look: 

The problem with the New Delta 32 is its availability. River Service does not produce the
cabinet any more and I have not seen one go up for sale from a private sale.

The Taito Vewlix was the other cabinet I have been on the lookout for. The reason I have always wanted a Vewlix was because of the overall build quality. There are different versions of the Vewlix, but most of the cabinets came with a high monitor, tate option and were pre-wired for JVS. 

After years of waiting and searching, I was able to buy a Taito Vewlix Diamond Black.
Here is a great image that details the specs of the different Vewlix modals made by ArcadeSTG

Vewlix Diamond Black with a Sega RingEdge 2:

Vewlix Diamond Black with a Type X2:

More to come..

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