Thursday, February 10, 2011


The CPS2 was one of Capcoms earlier arcade systems. CPS-2 Game boards come in six different colors, one for each language region and the rent version. Some great games were released on this system such as Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo and Pro Gear.

Here are board color codes:

Green : Japan
Blue : U.S.A. and Europe
Orange : South America
Grey : Asia
Yellow : All (Rent version)
Black : All in one unit
Grey and Orange game boards require the main 'A' board of matching color to work. Green and Blue boards are totally interchangeable meaning Green game boards will work on a Blue 'A' board and visa versa. A Yellow case shows a game is the rent version and these were made to fit 'A' boards as required.


Main CPU : 68000 @ 16 MHz
Sound CPU : Z80 @ 8 MHz
Sound Chips : Q Sound @ 4 MHz
Color Palette : 32 bit
Total On Screen Colors: 4096
Colors per tile : 16 (4 bits per pixel)
Object Number : 900 (16 x 16 pixels)
Scroll Faces : 3
Resolution : 384 x 224
Maximum Rom Capacity : 322 Megabits

Game List:

1944 : The Loop Master
19XX : The War Against Destiny
Alien Vs. Predator *
Armored Warriors / Powered Gear
Battle Circuit
Capcom Sports Club
Cyberbots : Fullmetal Madness
Dimahoo / Great Mahou Daisakusen
Dungeons & Dragons : Shadow over Mystara
Dungeons & Dragons : Tower of Doom
Eco Fighters / Ultimate Ecology
Galum Pa!
Giga Wing
Hyper Street Fighter II : The Anniversary Edition
Jyangokushi : Haoh no Saihai
Ken Sei Mogura
Mars Matrix : Hyper Solid Shooting
Marvel Super Heroes
Marvel Super Heroes Vs. Street Fighter
Marvel Vs. Capcom : Clash of Super Heroes
Mighty! Pang
Progear / Progear no Arashi *
Puzz Loop 2
Quiz Nanairo Dreams : Nijiirotyou no Kiseki
Ring of Destruction / Super Muscle Bomber
Rockman 2 : The Power Fighters / Mega Man 2 : The Power Fighters
Rockman : The Power Battle
Street Fighter Alpha / Street Fighter Zero
Street Fighter Alpha 2 / Street Fighter Zero 2
Street Fighter Alpha 3 / Street Fighter Zero 3
Street Fighter Zero 2 Alpha
Super Gem Fighter / Pocket Fighter
Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo / Super Puzzle Fighter 2 X
Super Street Fighter 2 : The New Challengers
Super Street Fighter 2 : The Tournament Battle
Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo / Super Street Fighter 2 X
Vampire : The Night Warriors / Darkstalkers : The Night Warriors
Vampire Hunter 2 : Darkstalkers Revenge
Vampire Hunter : Darkstalkers Revenge / Night Warriors : Darkstalkers Revenge
Vampire Savior 2 : The Lord of Vampire
Vampire Savior : The Lord of Vampire
X-Men : Children of the Atom
X-Men Vs. Street Fighter
*In my Collection

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