Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Creating a Jamma Motherboard Case

So I wanted to add a few Midway arcade games to my collection and one thing stood out to me: They are all just bare motherboards. All of my other games (CPS 2, Neo Geo, PGM, Type X2, ) are all enclosed in a shell of some type. This a huge factor in storing and protecting games when they are not in use.I needed a functional way for playing and storing my Jamma PCB's. I plan on putting 3 games in one case. The games are Killer Instinct 2, UMK 3, and MK 4.

Here is my solution:

I went to a local salvage store and found a old Sony CD player that held 250 cds.

Here is the inside of the Sony player. Time to clean it out.

All cleaned out with a full view of the tray.

Top of the case

Going to use shelf magnets to hold the Plex Glass door in place. The door will only be used when the case is not used in the cab and is being stored on a shelf.

Deciding on the final placement for the plex door.

Full view of the case without any PCB trays.

Case with Plex Door.

PCB tray 1 and 2 installed.

Braces for PCB tray 3 installed.

Case with with Plex Door

UMK 3 pcb installed on tray 1. Cut the length of the Tray.

Installed tray 2 over the UMK 3 pcb.

Mortal Kombat 4 mounted on tray 2.

Mortal Kombat 4 mounted on tray 2 - side view

Mortal Kombat 4 mounted on tray 2- With Plex cover

Jamma Case in Astro City

Jamma Case in Astro City - Wide View

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