Friday, February 1, 2013

Atomiswave SD Arcade Cabinet

After taking a look at my current arcade cabinets I decided I wanted a cabinet that would be great for 15k and 31k arcade games. I got in contact with Ken at The Game Room who sold me my very first cabinet (Astro City) years ago and was able to get a very good Taito Atomiswave SD Arcade Cabinet (Marquee holder included) sent my way. 

I got the cabinet home and saw that everything had made the trip safely to me. After taking the cabinet off the shipping pallet and removing the bubble wrap, I was able to take cabinet into my home. Unlike the Astro City, which needed to cleaned and repainted because of it long years of use, the Atomiswave SD was very clean and ready to go.

Now if you ask anyone who has dealt with a Atomiswave SD before and they will tell you that the power supply that comes with the cabinet is VERY picky when it comes to voltage. The cabinet needs 100 volts from the wall, not 99, not 115, not 120, only 100. The best option is to buy Step Down Transformer if you plan on using a Atomiswave SD cabinet outside of Japan. The 300W model (VC300J)I bought only cost $30 and is very well built.

Getting the Atomiswave SD into my home was easy because the control panel can be removed from the cabinet will little effort, where as with the Astro, I had to remove the entire bottom panel.

I got the cabinet in the spot I wanted. Then installed the Marquee holder, changed out the existing buttons and joystick with new parts. After that I installed my Atomiswave MB in the cabinet for some gaming.

 The only thing that needed to fixed on the cabinet was the insert coin sticker which was worn out.

I contacted someone on who makes Arcade artwork and had him make a replacement sticker for the Atomiswave SD. Three Days Later:

And now installed on the control panel:

So now this cabinet is ready for some action. I should have some nice new Arcade games later in the month, but that's a story for another day...

Here are the specs for the Atomiswave SD:

Make: Taito
Year: 2004
Dimensions: W: 29.5 x D: 35.4 x H: 57.1 (inches)
Compatibility: Jamma Standard
Monitor Size: 29"inch (27" viewable)
Rotatable: Yes
Resolution: 15/24/31khz Std/Med/High


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