Friday, February 8, 2013

Shoot 'em up Fever

Since I have received my Atomiswave SD I have had the urge to play Shoot 'em ups (Shmups). Its odd, but on this cabinet, Shmups just feel right. Anyway, I rotated the monitor which I found to be very easy when compared to rotating the monitor in my Astro city.

Next I looked my collection, looking for Shmups that I never really put any time into. I came up with these:

Do Donpachi 2 : Bee Storm

Neo Geo MVS
Fast Striker


Type X
Gigawing Generations
Raiden III
The Castle of Shikigami III

Chaos Field
Shikigami No Shiro II
Under Defeat 
Trigger Heart Exelica
Psyvariar 2

Ok, So I have some games to start me off with. Now I am not pro Shmup player like some people I know. For now my goal is just to play one game per day and post a pic of my highest score using one credit. I will also post how the game felt to me, it wont be a review but just what stood out in the games to me.

After I have played though all my Shmups, then I will pick my favorite out of the pack and work to 1CC it. I will start off with Do Donpachi 2 : Bee Storm on the PGM

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