Friday, February 22, 2013

TAITO G-NET Jamma Case

So now that I have a TAITO G-NET, its time to set it up in a case for everyday use. I dont like bare arcade pcb's just sitting in my arcade cabinets. Since I am always in my cabinets, changing games or adjusting something, having a bare pcb just sitting there is just asking for something bad to happen.

Just like with my Midway arcade boards, I want the G-Net to be safe in the cabinet and when I take it out. I went down to my local goodwill store and got a old 5 disk cd player for $10. It will fit my needs perfectly.

 Step 1: Gut the CD Player
Step 2: Lay down some Plex glass. The Plex glass is mounted to the case.

 Step 3: The G-Net is mounted to the Plex glass.

Step 4: Add the Case Cover.

 Step 5: Make sure that everything fits correctly.

Step 6: Add the G-Net Case to the Atomiswave SD

Step 7: Power up the cabinet and play some games.


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